Zoinks School and District Pricing

Zoinks is the only classroom digital learning game on the market that encourages social/emotional learning, differentiation, and in-the-moment teacher intervention.

We are happy to offer bulk pricing options for departments, schools, and districts that would like to use Zoinks to help students reach learning outcomes.

Are you a decision-maker interested in purchasing Zoinks for your school or district?

School and district pricing for Zoinks depends on a number of variables, including:
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Are you a teacher wanting to ask your district to purchase Zoinks?

You can earn an additional 30 days of FREE Zoinks access* by emailing your district Title I coordinator (if applicable) or district technology coordinator and bcc’ing us at hello@wowzalearning.com.

We’ve made it easy for you below with a letter you can copy and paste:
Hi [Name],

I’m writing to request that we adopt Zoinks (www.wowzalearning.com) as a new learning tool for [SCHOOL/DISTRICT]. I’ve tried it in my classroom and LOVE it. Here’s why:

Zoinks is a classroom game for grades 6-12 that is designed to increase learning outcomes by creating differentiation and offering opportunities for meaningful intervention.

Unlike other digital learning games that reward only the students who can answer the fastest, Zoinks contributes to social-emotional learning by having students collaborate to reach learning goals. It’s ideal for blended learning environments where we have both advanced learners and students with accommodations.

Developed by a teacher, Zoinks was designed for in-class discussion. It’s great as both a teaching and assessment tool and can be used for just about any subject. It would be a great resource for us at [SCHOOL/DISTRICT].

* In order to receive the 30 days of credit, you must send the email from the address you used to sign up for Zoinks and type “Zoinks purchase request” in the subject line of your email.