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Wowza Learning presents: Zoinks!

The better learning game— for everyone.

Zoinks is a new digital tool that will transform your students into challenged, collaborative, and engaged learners, and will help turn your lessons into experiences—part learning game, part teaching platform, all fun! 

You need an easy-to-use platform that sparks your students, and empowers them to absorb your content in a new way.  Welcome to the new world of digital games, where equity and rigor combine to ensure all students have the opportunity to be a star!

How Does Zoinks Work?

In Zoinks, students sit together in teams to answer open-ended or multiple-choice questions on any subject. They can share notes, helping and learning from each other as they each craft their own answers and earn points for their team.

At Wowza Learning we  believe ALL kids deserve the chance to win and be a star! 

Students on IEPs, English Language Learners, and anyone who needs longer processing time can’t win playing most classroom games because the focus is on speed, not clicking as quick as possible without engagement. Zoinks is better because it’s more equitable. Give kids an opportunity to apply their knowledge in creative ways. Praise kids who almost have the right answer with a “partially correct” reward, and interact without restrictions on time. 

How Zoinks Makes Learning Awesome

Accelerate learning outcomes

Call us crazy, but we believe that learning games should involve... well, learning. Zoinks isn’t just for review. It’s a platform to help you build inclusive, topical games into your lesson plans and achieve better learning outcomes.

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Create unique, interactive learning experiences in no time

Kids love games, but classrooms can descend into chaos. Designed by a veteran teacher who gets it, Zoinks helps teachers stay in control of the entire experience—from login, to question design, to timeouts for intervention.

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Keep students engaged and connected at all ability levels

The first digital learning game designed to promote equity and social-emotional learning, Zoinks puts kids and their needs first. Games should be fun for everyone.

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“My students were so excited to play Zoinks, and it was collaboration galore! They worked together and had really rich discussions where they were debating with each other and going back to the text for evidence. Higher performing kids were helping others who didn’t know the answer, and I had 100% engagement. The kids absolutely loved it.”

Michelle Wileman
6th grade ELA teacher

Play free for 30 days and get total access!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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